Typo-a-typo (cont.)

Now here are a few techniques for catching those sneaky little buggers we call typos.

Get a second set: Although this isn’t always feasible, having another person take a look at your writing might catch something you weren’t able to see. Just make sure this person is detail-oriented and knows the basics of grammar and spelling, or your email/paper/Facebook post might end up in a worse state than it was originally.

Let it rest:  If you aren’t in a total time crunch, let your piece of writing sit for at least 20 minutes, if not a overnight. When you read it anew, you might catch some double words or misspellings.

Switch it up: This trick is good if you’re crunched for time. Take your Word document and save it as a PDF. Or copy and paste your email into a Google Drive doc. Changing the format tricks your brain into thinking you’re reading it for the first time. You can also try shifting between your desktop and a mobile or tablet.

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