Why Millennials and Baby Boomers Need Digital Marketing Advice

Saw this post and thought many of my readers would find it worth the share. After all, I know I need a little digital marketing advice (OK, a lot):

Entrepreneurial millennials and baby boomers need good, accurate conversations with experts to organize and plan out stages for their ideas efficiently. These sessions should show you how to:

Optimize your website using SEO
Find keywords and hashtags related to your market
Build & Promote your brand
Write content and copy
Target multiple market niches
Write Your Bio
Develop your Facebook Business Page
Use PR for faster recognition
Use Blogging for Content & Copy
Use and understand digital language
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Many millennials continue to align with the digital world. However, there should be a slight concern with some of the baby boomers.

The digital world is growing rapidly. Changes occur daily and while we sleep. Throughout the night, the other side of the world works profusely using digital as a way of life. This computer age continues to shock experts and digital marketers.

Do you remember your first computer and when the rise of the world wide web began? It started in the 1990’s. Before the web, the internet has existed more than 50 years in the United States. A friend surprised me with a computer for my 19th birthday. The tech who built it came to set it up. He included lessons with his set up. (A smart strategy for marketing, by the way). The lesson included how to turn on the tower and monitor, how to connect the…

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The Top 5 Most Overused Phrases on Social Media

I found this gem while perusing WordPress and figured my readers would enjoy it as much as I did, though it’s not exactly grammar related.

And let’s be honest: You use some of these, don’t you? Maybe? Just one? I haven’t, but, you know, this is just how the young ‘uns talk on social media nowadays. Might as well educate myself.

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“I Write Because…”: Six Bloggers on Finding Inspiration for Their Sites

You know that blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website … but you don’t know what to write/feel embarrassed to write/don’t think you have anything worth writing.

Read what inspires the bloggers below to light a fire under your behind.


We often hear from members of the WordPress.com community who tell us how their sites came to be — and what drives them to continue publishing. Here are six bloggers, both veteran and new, explaining their passion in their own words.

Feminine Vestige

What inspires me as a blogger is the ability to reach people on a real and fundamental level that I can’t do in my everyday life. I wrote a poem in response to a Daily Prompt about feminism. It was very personal and I felt powerful and vulnerable while I wrote it. I received a comment on it that validated every single reason why I wanted to start blogging in the first place. A man commented, “I may not be a woman, but having read what you have written, I feel I am, or should be, a feminist.” It was my proudest blogging moment.

Cappuccino Connected


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