Ready for a Skills Test?

Then I’ve got just the thing for you: a quiz on subject-verb agreement. If you read my last post and/or you’re a grammar natural, you should have no problem acing it. And feel free to share your score–or any other observations–in the comments.

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Let’s Play the Johnny Depp Typo Game!

I found this article so entertaining, I thought it would be a shame if I let it slip by without using it as a didactic tool. Here’s how it works: I create typos in the original article, and you catch them. Then you check your answers in the non-typo-ridden version at the bottom of the page.

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Going on a Typo Hunt–Want to Join?

The text below is rife with typos, and your job is to find ’em. The original, non-typo-laden version is at the bottom with corrected mistakes highlighted in red. No cheating by putting the text through spellcheck!

From “As Fake News Spreads Lies, More Readers Shrug at the Truth” published in the New York Times:

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