A Grammar Teacher’s Wish List

I read this post and boy could I relate. Thanks to AIC Communication Services for sharing an English teacher’s–and many a proofreader’s–woes.

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Words and Common Confusions

This blog post was quite a find. Thanks to A Writer’s Workshop for sharing this priceless infographic.

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Let’s Go on a Typo Hunt!

See if you can find the typos I inserted in the article below without using spellcheck:

FBI director to Congress: Still no charges recomendded after latest Clinton emails reviewed

FBI Director James Comey wrote in an letter to Congressional leader’s Sunday that the agency have not found anything new that would warrant charges against Democratic presidential nomine Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email serve while secretary State.

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Preventive vs. Preventative

Like many words in modern English, these two variations are both correct. That said, “preventive” is more common and there are slight variations in usage. According to Merriam Webster, “preventive” can only be used as a adjective, while “preventative” can be used as a noun or an adjective. Let me give you some examples:

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