Typos Cost Lawyer $500

While this article doesn’t make me proud to be a Badger, it does vindicate me as a proofreader.

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Amanda Peet on Critics: Typo Test

In this edition of Find the Typos, I used an excerpt from a New York Times article written by the actress, who’s known for her work in movies such as “Saving Silverman” and “The Whole Nine Yards.”

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Time for our typo-a-typo

Whether you’re a professional proofreader, an eager job applicant, or an employee sending daily intracompany emails, it’s your cruelest enemy: the typo. The worst types of typos aren’t even the once-in-a-lifetime embarrassing ones, such as “Whenever I have a moment to shit down and think, I know it’s love,” but those everyday ones, like writing “like” twice or forgetting an “an.”

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