Beer Word of the Day: Zymurgy

This might seem like a post intended for another blog. After all, what on Earth does grammar and punctuation have to do with beer?

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Fave Word Not in the Dictionary? Chill

Editing or writing something and can’t find a word in Merriam-Webster, American Heritage, or the Oxford English Dictionary? Don’t freak out and don’t (necessarily) delete it.

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Weird Word of the Day: Deus Ex Machina

If you’ve seen the movie Ex Machina, this term will make a lot more sense to you (can Oscar Isaac dance, or what?!). Of course, it will probably also make sense to you if you took a lot of English lit classes in college. It’s one of those adopted words, like “denouement,” that requires above-average pronunciation skills to avoid humiliation or befuddled looks.

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