Was or Were? Nail Subject-Verb Agreement With 6 Rules

Which one looks correct to you?

A.) Lecturing on a breadth of subjects are interesting.

B.) Lecturing on a breadth of subjects is interesting.

Before I answer, let’s review the rules of subject-verb agreement in simple sentences:

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5 Blogging Tricks You Should Know

Thanks to Leif Singer at the WordPress.com Blog for the following advice. Because what blogger DOESN’T need help with their craft every once in a while?

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Dangling Modifiers: The Quiz

I hope you’ve been studying hard, because in my last post I promised you a quiz on dangling modifiers. The thing is, Grammar Bytes already has this really fun quiz on modifiers that includes cool graphics and “prizes,” so I’m going to send you over there.

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One or 1? Numbers vs. Numerals

There are so many rules–and so many different style guides with their own unique sets of rules–that I’m only going to address one today: AP. This post gives you the lowdown on the AP’s guidelines for writing out numbers versus using numerals.

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